Provo proving time: Freshman BYU QB poses fresh look for Huskie defense

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The Ohio win marked the third straight week the Huskies went over 200 yards rushing.

“Our defense has to be ready for a quarterback that can run and they’ll use him in the QB run game,” Sitake said. “But they’ll also do a lot of the read stuff that we’ve seen from so many spread offenses.”

The Huskies are trying to find more explosive consistency for an offense that ranks 128th out of 129 teams in FBS in yards per play (4.0 per play).

To cap last week’s win, NIU posted a drive of 77 yards in the fourth quarter and turned defense into offense when a Sutton Smith strip sack preceded two Huskie twenty-yard plays and a another scoring drive for the final 24-21 score.

“The offense has improved. I know that the numbers if you’re just looking at the numbers of the score and points scored it hasn’t reflected that,” Carey said. “But you’re starting to see some numbers change and if you’re watching with your bare eye, you’re certainly seeing that we’ve had, wide receivers are getting better. The quarterback obviously played extremely well this last game. The offensive line and the run game has been pretty consistent all year.”

Jauan Wesley hauled in six receptions for 61 yards — he also hauled in a 20-yard reception on the winning drive — against Ohio and he believes Childers is maturing.

“Decision-making has improved over the last couple games,” Wesley said. “Getting the ball out of his hands and getting it to playmakers, Marcus (Jones), whether it’s the flats or anything like that just getting the ball out of his hands and being quick with every possession and moving the ball up and down the field and not turning the ball over.”

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